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To ensure our students are prepared in the best possible way, we have partnered with Certify Teacher to offer you exam reviews at a discounted rate.

The exam reviews are normally $80, but your price is $35. 

To sign up you must be already enrolled with ECAP. 

  1. Go to
  2. Select the study guide you wish to purchase – make sure to select the online version option. Remember – access to the program is granted until you receive a passing grade from the state
  3. Click Login under the Apply Promo Code option  in the My Shopping Cart page
  4. Click Sign Up under “I Don’t Have an Account Yet” to create your account – make sure to use your pre-registered e-mail address when creating the account – the promo code will not work for any other e-mail.
  5. Enter the Promo Code ECAP4728 when prompted. The price will drop to the discount price after entering the promo code.
Complete the purchase transaction by providing your credit card information. You will be able to access your online readiness review solution seconds after the purchase transaction is complete.


Reminder: If you have just applied with ECAP, it will take approximately 24-48 hours for your email to be processed with Certify Teacher. Once processed you will be able to get access to the discount.